You, your friends, and your neighbors use the internet everyday. It grows business, empowers millions to learn online, and enables worldwide communication. A quality, well-designed website is more important now than ever. One that helps you meet your goals and gives visitors a great first impression. In addition to website design and front-end development, I bring expertise in content strategy, usability, and digital strategy to every project. And I’ve worked with businesses, organizations, and campaigns to launch well-crafted websites that can generate a return on investment.


The wireframing process enables me to focus on layout and information architecture early on in the process. Through wireframing and prototyping I’m able to produce a better design.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is about designing a fluid website that resizes no-matter the size of the screen. Mobile web traffic increases everyday and responsive web design makes sure your site looks great on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and larger desktop screens.

Content Strategy

The content on your website; It’s the words people read, the videos and photos you choose to represent your brand, and the personality that shines trough the links, buttons, and pages you choose for your site.

Quality Assurance

One of the technical challenges during the web development process is building a website that works across web browsers and devices. As a web developer I put my websites through rigorous quality assurance and browser testing to ensure they not only look great, but are technically sound as well.

Content Management

Integrating websites into content management systems like WordPress allows my clients to control the pages, posts, and categories on their websites.


The design and development of a website is really important, but there’s more to a website including hosting, security, and email. I stand behind my work and am committed to providing the best support possible to my clients.

No matter your industry, budget, or the size of your team — Design, Digital Strategy, and
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About Me
My name is Nick Frandsen. I’m a Web Designer, Front-End Developer, and Digital Strategist working in Minneapolis and Des Moines.

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