Design and development are important, but a website won’t succeed (or even function) without the technology behind it. Every website on the internet is hosted on a server, and that server needs to be secure, reliable, and fast – just like your business. I have selected a hosting solution for my clients that I’m confident meets all of those criteria, and I offer it at an affordable price. You also need to pick a domain name for your site. You know, the .com, .org, .net, or other URL that points to your site on the internet. Your web address could be your name or the name of your business (depending on availability). I can help you choose the right domain for your website and manage its registration at an affordable price.

Domains and hosting don’t have to be complicated, contact me today to learn more.

No matter your industry, budget, or the size of your team — Design, Digital Strategy, and
a strong web presence can build up your brand, spread your message, and grow your business.

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About Me
My name is Nick Frandsen. I’m a Web Designer, Front-End Developer, and Digital Strategist working in Minneapolis and Des Moines.

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