The web is full of opportunity and offers countless solutions that can help with everything from online payments and cloud storage to productivity and social media. Most of these products are designed to improve efficiency and engagement. With Internet Marketing many businesses, organizations, and campaigns can see a return on investment. And with many more online tools office and work-related processes are becoming streamlined saving employee time and money.

It can be hard to sort through everything when it comes to “Digital”. There’s websites, social media accounts, online advertising, customer relationship management systems, and online shopping carts. It’s hard to know who to trust and which solutions can best help you.

I sit down with clients to help them develop a digital strategy, review their web presence, and provide them with digital solutions that will help them move forward.

No matter your industry, budget, or the size of your team — Design, Digital Strategy, and
a strong web presence can build up your brand, spread your message, and grow your business.

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About Me
My name is Nick Frandsen. I’m a Web Designer, Front-End Developer, and Digital Strategist working in Minneapolis and Des Moines.

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